Classic Red MAGA Hat -- Chinaman Edition


Classic Red MAGA Hat -- Chinaman Edition

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This is the Family Friendly, Classic Red MAGA Cap — Many of the pictures feature an American Flag patch, but you’ll notice that in the stock Photo, that President Trump doesn’t wear the “With Flag” Version. That is why we have to offer both of the two variants of this Hat.

1.) Variant 1 Includes the American Flag they shipped From China — If a Hat was shipped with the Flag it starts out as Variant #1.

2.) However, If they forgot to attach an American Flag, or if we run out of this kind of Hat, we will remove an American Flag from the Option #1 Hats in order to save you the money you’ll need to buy one of the US Ally Flag Patches we also sell on the site, and we call this one Variant #2

Not only is Variant #2 the way to go — it will save you money and let you customize your Hat, which is really why we started this Website.

I have a feeling most of this product will contain the Velcro One Size Fits All Hat Adjuster.

Unmodified Hat Style:
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